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Services Include:


*  Swedish Massage $80.00 

1 hour- Relaxing the entire body with exceptional benefits of increase oxygen in blood, decrease muscle toxins, improving circulation and flexibility while easing tension.  This is a lighter, gentle and more relaxing massage technique.  


* Deep Tissue $90.00-70 minutes

This transforming massage will help with all your deep underlying problems and chronic pain. Adhesions, neuromuscular, sport massage work, as well as any range of motion or other long-term stress areas.  90 minutes for Deep Tissue $110.00

*Add on Cupping an Ancient form of alternative healing and deep tissue work. for $10.00


* Prenatal Massage $90.00- 70 minutes

Nothing like a prenatal massage, so many benefits for during pregnancy and for better labor. This is done with a wedge bolster at a 45 degree angle, and side lying position for the back.  Includes a series of transitional stretches for the hips, lower back, shoulder, and torso areas.


* Fibromyalgia Patients $90.00 - 60 to 70 minutes.

Massage is one of the only way to help patient with Fibromyalgia. Benefits include: better sleep, decreased pain, headache relief, minimize depression symptoms and many other that can come from massage therapy.


*90 Minute Swedish Massage $110.00 

 Prefer to have more time and get those extra areas worked out.  90 minutes massages are the best!


*90 Minute Deep Tissue Massage $120.00


*Clinical Evaluations 

*Aromatherapy-Free upon requests and no allergies

Discount will be offered for regular visits. 

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