About the Practitioner

Hello I am Shelly Connors massage therapist.

I trained at Everest Institute in Eagan, MN and graduated top of my class as Ambassador of the school.  Recently published in the Farmington Independent newspaper.  


My massage motto is Better Quality of Life with Massage.  The benefits of massage are so many. The more masssages one person can recieve the more benifit one will recieve from it.

I have been a hairstylist for 26 years and have always wanted to become a massage therapist.  Deciding life is to short to not do what you love I went back to school and did what I wanted.  I love it!  I feel its my calling to be able to help people in this stressful world we live in as well as offer benifits of our bodies natural healing without medications and there side effects.

I am a single mother of three wonderful girls and just became a Grandmother of twins.  I love to travel, read, play at the beach, scrapbook and other crafts.